Dr. Karen Nani Apana's conversation at Quake City Portal podcast was released. This is an amazing recording which captured a mindful and intimate moment. How can one live happily on the earth? Her teachings are crystallized in this 1 and half hours podcast conversation.
Quake City Portal ポッドキャストでのカレン ナニ アパナ博士のお話がリリースされました。マインドフルで親密な瞬間をとらえた素晴らしい録音となっています。人は地球でどうしたら幸せに生きられるのでしょう?カレン女史の教えが結晶となってこの1時間半の番組に収録されています。
At age 7, she was determined to seek for something deep beyond our daily life.  
In modern life, we need to find guidance for spiritual growth on our own. There is no need to search for a guru out there somewhere. We can self-develop awareness by observing life and having conversations with ourselves. 
I believe that a teacher destined for you would appear in life at the right time. I had an
 interest in learning about Steiner's Biography Work for long time. More than 10 years had passed from when I first discovered the Biography Work, when I happened to meet with Karen. I instantly knew she was my teacher. 
Only a couple years have passed from then, but one day I finally asked Karen. "Will you teach me everything you know, please?"


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