Discovering your biographical themes
I was going to ask Dr. Karen Nani Apana about the common themes of each seven year cycle. However, she guided me not to be stuck with “theories”. Yes, of course, people grow up in different ways. That is true! 

We need to be always free. I think the key to be free from outside ideas is to be conscious of what you really feel inside. How do you know what you feel, then? That is to contemplate on your feelings all the time through writing. I developed a habit of having conversations with myself in notebooks. By this, I discovered so many things that surprised me! Actually many things help in tuning into authentic self: meditation, singing, chanting, dancing, drawing, painting, etc.

Age 42 to 49 is the Mars cycle. People often connect with their authentic self during this time. I was raising my children during this cycle. I didn’t write at all. My true self and intellect were as if in sleep. Yet, only a limited time when I spent on practicing dance and reading about Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy was feeding my thirst for spiritual growth. Perhaps my authentic self was calling me to seek. Karen asks, “do you see a pattern here?”  Oh really? A pattern? Okay. I need to develop keenness on seeing patterns that lie in life stories. How fun!
カレン ナニ アパナ先生に「7年周期それぞれによく起こる特徴的なテーマを教えてください」と聞こうとしたら、「理論にとらわれないで」と言われました。人それぞれ異なった成長をするのだから、なるほどそのとおり!



「外は広い 内は深い」は禅仏教の鈴木大拙老師の言葉。

About the cover image:

Outside is vast
Inside is deep

by Daisetsu Suzuki Zen Buddhist Master

Human consciousness is indeed deep.
The universe is within.

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