Written by Asako Takami
Edited by Haruko Tanaka (2019)
オディッシーダンサー 高見麻子
高見麻子著、田中晴子編 (七月堂)

Asako Takami : Memories of India and Odissi Dance
 Written by Asako Takami, Edited by Haruko Tanaka (Shichigatsudo Publications)
This book is in English and Japanese.
The late Asako Takami (1960-2007) was a beautiful Japanese Odissi dancer based in San Francisco. She was my first teacher. When I met her, she was already terminally ill. To lighten things up, I suggested to create a book about her life. She took me up on the idea, and started sending me her life stories; sometimes on paper, sometimes through email, and sometimes over the phone. Years later, I compiled her work into a book.  The last piece of her writing was titled "Afterwords" and was dated a few days before her departure from this world. 
Biography work definitely helps us to review and prepare for the next stage of our life. In this biography work, I feel I was able to accompany her crossing the threshold to the other side. At the time I had no idea, but this book opened my journey to become a biographer. ​​​​​​​It could have been a gift she left behind for me to find my destiny. How beautiful life is!
For the readers in the U.S., please inquire here about copies.
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